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I'm in the process of upgrading my Heckler to a 20mm TA front fork.... definitely looking forward to this upgrade.

So the fork is on it's way, and I need to put together a new wheelset.... ok, I really only need the front, but why not do both - the old wheels with provide me with all I need to build up a SS 26er from parts hanging around the garage.... :D

Anyway, here is the question - what are my options for the rear wheel? 10x135 TA, 12x135 TA, and 10x135 Bolt On..... will any of these work with the Heckler (standard dropouts)?

For trail riding, 4 ft jumps and drops, rocky descents, technical climbs.... Is there a benefit for a TA or Bolt-On for the rear? Compared to the front - the rear triangle is a lot stiffer than a fork - how significant a change would any of these be, compared to a QR?

On a similar note, what would be the best mounting options for my current Shimano XT hubs for a SS? Front and Rear... 10x135 TA for the front and rear?

Thanks for the input...
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