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My old rear shock developed some major stiction probelms, a plain jain nitrogen charged coil over Stratos. So I've been tryign to locate a descent replacement that would 1) give me some tunablity, and 2) last a good while. There where only to LBS stores that were helpful - one was suposed to get a Fox Vanilla, but after 2 weeks of waiting, for them to call me, I really doubt they are going to get it (I've phoned them several times and they keep giveing me excuses as to why they haven't phoned yet and that it's not ordered). The other bike shop is primarily a mom & pop shop that doesnt' really understand people who pound the grand liek I do. However, he offered a Kindshock KS-508 for a riddiculaly low price (below $200 cad) and had it to me the next day. I bought it so that I could continue to ride. I'm going to bug the other shop for a bit longer because this thing is diturbingly heavy, the feel of the rebound knobb clicks is terrible and inconsistent when adjusting it, and the relaibility is unknown at best...

Anyways, I just want to be sure I did the basic tuning correctly since it's my first time adjusting an air/oil/coil shock (my first time I've had to adjust more then the sag on a rear shock at that). I set the air pressure to 60% of my weight, and then set the sag on the coil. I then turned the rebound knobb to a setting just a hair slower then my MX Comp coils. I took it out for a fast paced road ride, then I added some more air to reduce the bobing just a tad more (which untuned the sag a little bit, so I adjusted it again). The rebound felt a touch slow, but it wasn't packing down the shock. So I left it for the time being. I then rode around a bit more, and then took it out into the woods, did some fast paced cornering, some rocky hill climbing, a couple of steep desents, and then a 4' drop (rebound felt perfect the whole time). The shock soaked up everything, remained well controlled, and it was so smooth that I didn't even feel it hit the rubber stop when I bottomed it landing the drop.

So, was that more or less the correct way to tune the rear shock?
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