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Rear shock for 2003 Ruckus I-drive 2.0

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If I were to change my rear shock for my 2003 GT Ruckus I-drive 2.0, in the event that my current Vanilla RC ever was to unfortunately break or something, what would be a good replacement, what I want is something that would give me basically the same riding characteristics that the Fox Vanilla RC is giving me. Thanks for any info.
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Push it

Get he Shock pushed if you can (dunno if thats possible in japan).

Or buy a manitou swinger 3 or 4 way, i rate them for down hill as equal or better than the Vanilla.
I could PUSH it, but this is in case I have to replace my Vanilla RC. I don't even know what size shock I need. And specifically I'm not going to want a shock with platform with my Ruckus I-drive, since I want to keep the basic same feel for the bike itself.
What about a Marzocchi Roco on my Ruckus I-drive

Here's another question. What about the Marzocchi Roco RC, here it's similar to the way a Vanilla is in the respect that there isn't any platform and has the same adjustments. Would this Work well with my Ruckus I-drive?

I know that I need a 7.5 x 2.0 rear shock but have no idea what I need for a spring. Also will this shock work with my current reducers on my Fox Vanilla RC?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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