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Rear mounted sidestand for disc frame..

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This '07 Bad Boy is more of a city cruiser/parks & greenways bike and I was missing the stand my old bike had so this project was necessary. Wasn't all that much work, and since I haven't seen a way to get the rear wheel off without dropping the deraileur anyway, it doesn't bother me to have to take a little more stuff off.

First photo is stock frame showing spacer that is typical for extending a rack or fender strut to clear disc brakes.

Second photo is layout of 1/4" 6061 aluminum flatbar. Three of the holes will be threaded 5mm x .80 for mounting the stand to the aluminum plate, a fourth is a through hole that takes advantage of the threaded hole in the frame itself, and the topmost hole is a through hole for the bolt that mounts the caliper.

Photo three shows a relief milled into the back for the skewer spring, same as the skewer nut would have, and a radius where it was needed to tuck it up for a close fit in the frame.

Photo four shows the skewer nut cut down to the steel center to make it smaller so as not to have to drill a 3/4" hole all the way through the plastic which might severely weaken the stand.

Photo five has the finished aluminum bracket mounted on the frame to check fit and clearance.

Photo six shows most of the plastic hogged out with a carbide burr for clearance of the skewer nut, and the aluminum plate. I took another pass after this pic was taken and cleaned it up some before I decided it was ready.

Seventh pic shows a relief milled for the leg of the bike rack, it didn't need to stick out any more than it had to and it keeps the mounting bolt shorter this way, and if I ever have to put a rear fender on this bike, it too will have to share this location. Busy bolt hole, be as economical as you can with it so it will all work down the road as well.

Photo eight shows it mounted on the bike, the end of the skewer is visible in the center hole.

Finally a view from the rear showing the leg of the rack sitting in the relief and also the half round hole molded into the stand that was originally intended to go around the chainstay.

The finished job, I will probably paint the bracket flat black soon enough but for now it's very functional.

Disc frames are hard to put a sidestand on anyway because the rotor is so close to the frame that most won't even bolt on, and even if you could bolt it on the chainstay it sticks out so far it catches your ankle when you ride. I just didn't want the typical heavy steel kickstand and chose the Specialized Rockstand for it's light weight (248gm) and excellent Japanese craftsmanship. These are great stands, and can still be had NOS on auction if you hunt them up.


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Nicely done! :thumbsup:
But why had it to be a "Specialized" kickstand for crying out loud???:cryin: :cryin: JK
Very nice!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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