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sdr08 said:
I wouldn't get too excited as I have a funny feeling it's a No.1.

Have you got yer CCDB yet?
No worries...

Is there much difference in the 0,1,2 etc?

Yip got the CCDB and loving it.

Still getting it dialed in.

Fort William Trip again in a week so thats why I need the hanger so bad!


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norcosam said:
I think all the hangers are the same its just the roll pin hole is in a different place(fore and aft)The number tells them where the hole has to be.
No - the number on it sets the alignment in the vertical plane (moving the dropout up/down). Sliding the dropout back and forth sets the alignment in the horizontal plane - when it is aligned a hole is drilled in the frame. Aligning the frame hole with the hole in the RADO ensures alignement is correct when the RADO is replaced.

Any dropout will work as a replacement and the closer the number the less out of alignment it will be. You should swap for a dropout of the correct number when you can but a '1' will only be slightly out if a '2' is correct.
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