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Rear hub search

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I Recently bought an old Ellsworth evolve frame and trying to rebuild it to its former glory.
While trying to source all the parts for the build I found myself stuck on a quite simple problem:
The rear wheel hub spacing is 135 mm and it came with a 10 mm THRU axle (Shimano SM-AX75).

The original Idea was to go Microspline So I mailed DT swiss and hope and they both told me they don't do Microspline 135 THRU axle.

One of the ways I found to buy anything decent with it is to buy Shimano ZEE/SAINT as they are the only ones I still see providing hubs for this spacing.
The other option I found is the Powerway M81 (100$) from Ali-express looks cheap AF and I'm looking to build something more reliable.

Would be glad to hear about any other combos that worked especially if some one did go down the 12 speed conversion with this spacing.

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You could do a DT 350 in 135 x 10 with an XD freehub.
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