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The front half of the rear dropout on my bike is part of the chainstay.

The rear half of the rear dropout on my bike is half chainstay, half RD hanger.

Anyway, after about a 1 1/2 of riding the wheel Mavic XL, and SLR, had worn the front half of the chainstay, so that the wheel would be crooked enough to shift poorly...The wheel could sit in its normal place or under high load move forward a bit.

I filled the thing with JB weld, and orderd a new chainstay....

So then I started running a very tight quick release so this wouldn't happen on the new chainstay...

All was good for a 1 1/2 years....

Now the same problem is starting to happen again, I gained maybe 6 months more life with the tight quick release.

I can fix it easy enough..

But my question is why are my rear dropouts wearing out so fast????

The Mavic axle stub also cuts into the Aluminium with its face, that will eventually be a problem but it is the stub wooble that needs the first fix

I will take the old chainstay into my machinist buddy and see if we can come up with some type of insert so that I can change it instead of the chainstay etc...

I could try to heat treat the dropout area to harden it up somewhat, then straighten if neccessary?
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