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I have avid juicy 7s. on my rear wheel the disc is really hanging up/dragging ( on the pads)

this is what i have done and observed. made sure the pads are in okay and the pistons are returning ( ok) I have the wheel properly in the drops outs.

I loosend both the caliper mounting brackets and the adjustment screws, and with the bike in the stand i have peddled the bike to observe what occures as the disc rotates thru the caliper/pads. I can see the whole brake assembly move or wobble. My conclusion is something ( the disc) appears out of alignment. If so how do i get it true.

Also. the looser the brake assembly, the more freely the wheel spins. but as i snug up the mounting bolts or the adjustment bolts the drag increases.

Thoughts and suggestions are most welcome. thanks
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