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I'll probably x-post this to the drivetrain forum but thought I'd start here as I have a 5.5EVP and I'm worried about correctly setting this up with all the suspension issues.
I crunched my rear derailleur (my fault). So luckily I had a spare hanger and I went out and bought a new XT derailleur/chain.
Now, I'm no bike mechanic but I try. I think I got mostly everything right but there a few things that I could use help with.

I set the shifter correctly and pulled the wire tight through the derailleur but I don't know if I pulled to tight before I clamped down the bolt that holds the wire tight. How does one know?

In the instructions (and the Park tool website) it says that in the small crank and small cassette the chain should not touch itself below the derailleur (as it runs through). It does a bit but not a big deal. I used the previous chain to cut the new one and I dont' want to make it to short with all the suspension; is this a problem as I don't ever run those gears together. In the big/big combo the derailleur is pretty stretched out but not bad. I would rather error initally on the long side and be wrong than the short side.

I got the low and high stops set but the gears inbetween the shifting is a bit harsh and not smooth but I don't know how to make it better. Anybody know some newbie mistakes that I might of made that could solve this.

The other thing that I noticed that when I'm in the granny gear there is no wire showing between the clamp screw and where it comes out of the barrell. Is the correct or did I not set the wire correctly (as I was worried about above).

Thanks all and merry x-mas!
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