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Ok I have a rear derailleur issue. I was washing off my bike (it’s been a couple of weeks since riding) and then lubed up the chain. Ok, no problems, then I get on and go through the gears but it isn’t shifting. I look and see the cable housing that goes into the shifter pod has come out. I can see the cable inside when I'm in the large cog, when I shift to the small cog the cable gets tight and goes back into the pod. Still the bike isn’t shifting.

So I hold the cable housing into the pod and shift and it does, but not through all the gears. So what do I do to get the housing back into the pod? Superglue or what? Is my shifter busted?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also the adjusting barrel on the derailleur and the pod, how do you use them as far as clockwise does this and counter clockwise does that? I have never had to adjust the tranny before. Thanks.

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