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I'm working on my rear derailleur and couldn't get it to index as well as it should. I realised that the B-axle assembly has a gap between the washer and the plate. Pics attached for reference.

Is this gap supposed to be there in the first place? Am I missing a piece or a part that has resulted in this gap being present? This is an M750 XT 9-speed derailleur, my efforts at finding this information online and in exploded views have come to nought.

This image shows the gap that I'm referring to. The plate can still be pushed in making the gap closed, but because of the spring inside, the plate will be pushed back out towards the c-clip and thus this gap is created.
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This image shows the c-clip installed onto the B-axle bolt. I've pushed it in as far as it can possibly go, so I'm pretty sure it's properly fitted. I believe that notch (circled) is supposed to be partially visible.
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This image shows the B-axle from the front/outside of the derailleur.
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Any help and advice is appreciated. Thank you!
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