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I'm stretching here, but does anyone else have a bear of a time getting a rear hydro (Hayes) on a Blur to not squeak going uphill?
It seems that I can center that thing 5 times. I do the business card-thing, sometimes it works for weeks, other times not.
I push the pistons back, do the business card thing, check the rear hub for play, tighten the quick releases, etc. It is only an issue on the rear. Pad age does not seem to matter and sometimes I must just get it right and it does not rub enough to squeak. I've had it to the LBS twice and they get it happy in the stand, but 2 rides later it squeaks. It's maddening.
Does removing a few drops of fluid from the system allow for the pistons to relax a tad? I'm brainstorming here, work with me :)
I have a 2003 SC Blur with 2003 Hayes HD's on 6" rotors. Rear is the only issue, and only uphill when being torqued by pedaling.
Pointers are appreciated!
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