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Reaming seat tube

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I'd like to get my oddball sized seat tube reamed out from 26.2 to 26.8. The OD is 28.6 and this is heavy steel, so I am hoping that's enough room to play with. Sound OK?


-rob in NY
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Thanks.. I already have a crummy post like that (a 25.4 shimmed up to 26.2). My core issue is that I need a long, quality post like a 410mm Thomson.

i would be leary of reaming out a seat tube just becuase of the decrese in durability of the frame...that said cantact the frame manufacturer and see what they have to say

most likely this would be fine as long as your not using the bike in situations in which you might land on your seat hard or the bike will take severe impacts
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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