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I've been riding some fairly flowy singletrack since around '05. (rode urban before that) This has really fueled my love for the Komodo b/c as a hardtail, it's snappy...but being the Gnarbike that it is...when you get to the rooty / jumpy sections or want to fly off a drop, the longer travel fork mixed with the "take no prisoners" frame are a wonderful cocktail!! I really hadn't appreciated rear suspension except on larger drops.

I've moved to a different region over the last year. The trails aren't so buffed. They're downright cobbly and rough, actually. There's a really short XC loop near my house that I've been riding lately after work, and I was surprised to experience that my speed, comfort level, and endurance have all favored riding my 36lbs 6oz Parker on this trail over my 29lbs Komodo. Something as simple as riding across a knobby field OTW to the trail head is totally noticeable...I can sit and spin faster on the Parker.

Granted...the Parker doesn't necessarily climb all that gracefully, but flat / twisty / and DH sections are just night and day between the two rides. I'm really open now to the thought of a dually trailbike. I used to have an XLT, but my "flowy" trails favored my Komodo. I'm totally intrigued by the 650b and can't wait to go that direction at some point.

My only hope now is that the Sixfifty B1 / B2 are still around in the next couple of yrs...maybe I can talk my wife into letting me get one. (unlikely, lol) The worry is that models phase in and out so quickly...heck, the Parker is no more.

Can't wait to throw a leg over a "B"!!

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xam in incredible...but heavy......
new amt is even better but expensive.......(hopefully a lesser equiped model will show up)
the xct is a great all mtn bike with keeping the wheels standard size (26)
the dakar 650b is all around great mtn bike, i see more product and manufs getting into the game....
wheather it is here or not to in the future?.......same thing was said about 29'ers many yrs ago
i cant ride a 29,er the wheel is just not my style......hard time controling it.....just too big for me.....
the 650B gave me that rollover feel of 29er and still was easily manoverable.........
i believe 650 wheels will stick around....i actually see 26 starting to be redeuced in model choices
best of luck
ps:all my trials are extremely techy rock with climbing/downhilling the whole ride....some flowy inbetween
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