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A freind of mine is considering a new XC race FS bike & his team's LBS carries SC. So the question is what is the differnce between the two? I know that the Blur is VPP & the SL is single pivot, but how does that transfer to the trail? What are the real world, singletrack, anaerobic differnces?


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After owning both, I would say that the Blur is more plush, a more fluid compression than the SL. Depending on frame size, you'll see some geometric differences also --- have your friend research that thoroughly.

Anaerobic differences? WTF.

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If you want to find a really good comparison there was a thread that was started by LacticAddict quite awhile back. You can search this forum and use his username - go back probably a year or so ago. He had raced a Superlight a few years and then had just started racing a Blur XC. He did a great job comparing the two with regard to racing and general riding, and there were quite a few other people who responded too.

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I'll give two general comparisons. I think the SL is a tougher bike. I think the Blur is a superior performing bike.

Two shops in Moab used SLs as a large part of their rental fleet. They used coil Fox Vanilla Rs instead of the Float as a rear shock for rental use. Those things stood up to rental use and abuse with some unbelieveable reliability. I wouldn't have wanted to try that with a Blur.

If I was racing, and performance was the most critical thing, even over some additional maintenance requirements...I'd go with the Blur. The Blur just flat gets it done for XC suspension quality and efficiency.

The Superlight would not be a bad bike to race. I'd put a Manitou 3-Way Air on it and race the crap out of it.

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Bikinfoolferlife said:
Can't quantify it aerobically for you, but the superlight is a bit lighter and simpler to maintain but I think the VPP is a superior performing design. YMMV.
Actually, they weigh about the same. Not a big enough difference anymore. SC actually claims 5.2 lbs for Blur XC and 5.3 lbs for Superlight.

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