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Thanks in advance for reading, and any help provided! I'm ready to get in to this fat bike thing and have read the subforum here extensively, I promise. I have two questions that I think will get me over the hump and moving forward.

My plan for this bike is mainly to get me out in the snow, Front Range Colorado with good access. However, I'm sure I'll ride the bike in the summer to try it out and if I love that as well so be it. I do ride a fair amount as it is, and have a 29 inch 150 travel mtb, gravel grinder, and a road bike already. I've enjoyed the 29x3.0 Stache quite a bit back in the Midwest.

Should I be looking at the B Fat 27.5 x 4.5 ish size, like the Trek Farley? Or stick to the 26 x 4.5-5?

If the former, does anyone know if the 27.5 x 4.5 offerings fit on any of the budget carbon frames? ICAN, Carbonspeed, etc.

Thanks Again!!!
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