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Welcome to the “Bike and Frame Forum” (used to be called the What Bike to Buy Forum). The intent of this forum is to answer questions about specific bike choices as well as educate a buyer about buying a bicycle. We all know that buying a bike is a big step, and can be an intimidating process. Hopefully the information shared in this forum will take some of the mystery out of the process.

In order for the mtbr community to assist you in your selection or answering specific questions you have, it would be helpful if you provided as much information about your needs as possible. In doing so, the community can respond to your questions more directly. Here are some examples of the type of information to provide.

1) Your budget. How much do you have to spend on the bicycle (not including accessories such as helmet, gloves and other accessories).
2) What bikes, if any, are you already considering? (Please try to limit the selection to a handful if at all possible, and provide links to those bikes. Remember, we don't always know the exact specs of all the bikes out there!)
3) What type of riding do you intend to do? (e.g. Cross Country, Freeride, Downhill, paved paths)
4) Do you have a preference over a hardtail or full suspension?
5) Age, weight and height. (In many instances very important for a variety of reasons).
6) What sources will you consider buying from? (e.g. Your Local Bike Shop, online vendors, or used bike sources such as mtbr classifieds, craigslist, ebay and others)
7) Do you want people to offer you alternative suggestions to issues such as budget, bikes already considered, and sources?

The above recommendations are just that…recommendations. We also recognize that you may not even know where to start! While you may post your question in any way you wish, following the above guidelines in some fashion will help the process tremendously, and hopefully result in a more informed reply from members of the mtbr community.

For those members of the community replying to someone’s request for information, or an opinion about a given bike, please share your knowledge, experiences and personal opinions with them. Keep in mind this is about helping someone make and informed and intelligent decision, and not about making that decision for them. While spirited debate is encouraged in the mtbr forums, arguing is not, and such behaviors will not be tolerated.
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