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Winter lingered a good long while for us this year. Depends on your elevation, of course, but we saw our first snow mid-November and it was still falling (within sight if not *on* us) at sundown tonight.

When some of the local trails melted out enough to ride a few weeks back, we dusted off mountain bikes then got lost in the chaos of trying to relearn what to do with them.

As temps continue warming gauges are slowly bumping into action, as are we along with them.

J: "Is this what you call a gravel grinder?"

M: "It would be if we had our fatbikes."

Wild horses couldn't have made her happier. Oh, wait...

First of many trips down the Gunny Gorge for the year. All in a day's work for Ben.

Moab season officially ended for us when the lifts at most CO and UT ski areas stopped turning last weekend. See ya in the fall.

Allergy season arriveth.

Surfing season too.

Still a few hours of god-light to work with at the ends of the day.

Greg meant to do that. Kinda.

"Now what?!"

50mph tailwind through Buttermilk rapid. We hit very few of our lines that day, but man did we make good time!

Talk among friends revolves largely around how big runoff is going to get this year, how much recent dust storms will affect how fast the water comes down, whether Big Sur will actually rear it's head, and when (with all of this impending water) we're going to find the time to ride our bikes.

Fang is always bummed to see the end of winter, but like the rest of us is enjoying the running start into spring.

Thanks for checkin' in.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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