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Rays Role Call...

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who here rides Rays regularly or plans on coming out (up/over whatever) here this winter? Just trying to see if you guys have been around...

fyi, if you've seen me there, Im probably riding the park or outside line on a Union St. 24"
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I'm going sometime in feb. or march. This will be my first time there,its a 10 hr drive from were i am,so i hope its worth the drive.
I hope to head down there sometime this winter/early spring, not sure when though. I'll be riding the black Gemini w/ Dorado DH.
me and my friend might be comin up over the new years weekend. we both have been baggin r parents to get us up there so much that i seriously think they will take us up as a x-mas presant
Okay then gents, make sure you drop me a line when you're coming in and I'll stop by and put in a few laps with you. FWIW, if you have a hardtail bring it. I think you'll have a much better time on it than the big bike. Worst case you can grab a park bike to use if you dont have a ht. Get one of the STP's or gold GT's though. Hope to see you guys there, its definitely worth the drive.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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