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Raw Wildcard

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Oh... Those sneaky [email protected] Just look at it!
Click here to see the sexy, RAW, Wildcard and other upcoming colours.

** Sorry, CharacterZero, don't know what went wrong with that link. I've put in the link to the Banshee Blog post instead.
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Hey, clicked the link and got this warning:
The link you are accessing has been of the spyware is:
Bääämmmmmm Baby

I like it :thumbsup:

Any info where to get a complete and original Decal-Set?

Does removing the wet-paint affect the warranty (would be done by a professional Company)??

Greetings from Cologne, Germany
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you have a virus then :eekster: :eekster: New Wilcards look sick!
How about someone save the pic from teh link and re-post it here?

No filter is 100% on trojan/virus ID, could be, might not be.

edit: I see you re-linked, thanks for that.

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man i love the looks of raw frames. that wildcard looks great.
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