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After all the ranting on that shop down on Mill Ave. I thought I would throw some kudos out....

I went to Airpark Bicycle today to get a set of Fetish Cycles carbon forks for my 24" BMX'er. The guys were very helpfull, answering a few Q's I had about building a DH bike as well.

Got home and in my rush to install the forks I ran into a bit of a problem. Didn't have the correct spacers, didnt set the bottom race correctly, had the top race upsidedown and somehow stripped the starnut inside the fork.

Went back to the shop with the bike and got with Brian, who sold me the forks. Showed him my dilema and he went to work trying to fix it, right away. He already had a bike in the stand and like four customers on the floor, all asking for him

Well, after a good 20 minutes of hammering, wrenching and finally some cutting and grinding all was fixed.

When other mechanics would probably would have said leave it we'll get to it next week, he jumped on it right away and remained very courteous throughout the whole ordeal and just simply stated that everybody makes mistakes.

When all was said and done, NO CHARGE! He even gave me a new headset cap as mine was destroyed in the removal. It probably wouldnt have been much, but thats not the point.

Like blantantSS said:
Too me service is more important that product anymore, as i can buy a bike from anyone. A shops attitiude and service could acutally cause me to buy a different brand of bike.
My next bike and/or service visit will be from Airpark!

I am Walt
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CG Bike in Fountain Hills

CG is a small, Specialized-specific shop, though they have some other bikes and will work on anything. Chris and Nick are great and happy to help with or give advice on anything. Real fair on any service pricing; no charge for small things.

They're off Shea in between Target and Walgreens.
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