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Looks like the scammers are pretending to be a bike shop that actually exists, I've seen this happen before.

Cycle Corner is a real bike shop in Singapore, this shop is often mentioned on cycling forums in Singapore, it's phone number is (+65) 62851468
Shop Details:

The 'Contact Us' page has Phone 818.0923.7309

The 818.0923.7309 phone number is also used for:,,,,,

The 'About Us' page has the following Indonesian address.

JL.Gading Kirana Barat 9 BL.C10/20
Kelapa Gading Barat,
Jakarta Utara
Indonesia 14240.

Indonesia is well known for bike shop scams.

* Trek, Giant, Cannondale and Specialized don't allow online sales of their bikes.

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Don't know about here, but there is 'scam' advertising on eBay

Where are the scammers advertising on here and on ebay ?
I am watching a bunch of eBay auctions for Cannondale bikes and at the bottom of my Watch List there are several 'Sponsored Links', all of which are to Screaming Deals (Scams) at 'Cycle Corner' ( for new Cannondale bikes similar to those I'm following. I actually was considering buying one from them and just thought it sounded too good to be true, so I did a little research and found this thread.

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Holy crap these guys are getting bold. Here is a ad showing up next to a thread here on MTBR:
Text Bicycle wheel rim Font Bicycle frame Bicycle tire

And another on my local TV news channel website:
Bicycle wheel rim Bicycle frame Bicycle tire Rim Parallel

These ads are served by third party ad networks. Once they have bought into an ad network they can show up in many locations and the originating site (MTBR, Ebay, Kron) doesn't have any real control over what ads are served.

FC and team need to follow up with the network and understand how a fraudulent site got certified to post ads.
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