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Rapid Rise vs. Shadow?

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I killed my 1st derailleur today. A Rapid Rise XT. I sucked in a branch and twisted things up. I was able to ride out of the woods but I was one gear off of my indexing and was false shifting all over. I might be able to bend things back but I’m contemplating a replacement just in case.

So my question is how does the shadow shift compared to the RR. I love how I can shift with the RR while going up a hill and just hear the click of the change without any mashing. But I understand that the Shadow has it’s advantages also. Such as cable routing and profile.

Any feedback from someone who has used both would be great! I would replace my derailleur with an XT or XTR if that makes a difference.

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this has been beat to death but here goes
I like RR, but I like the shadow better. but they shift opposite so you'll need to re learn your shifting. the shadow gets rid of the loop of cable, tucks up close to the cassette and has a stronger spring so more solid shift. so I think its an all round better option.
the RR shifts smoother and I like the opposite shift but tucking it up and getting rid of the loop outweigh it for me. if you can afford it go for the saint 810 shadow:thumbsup:


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I've ridden both, and I hope that Shimano figures out how to combine the two technologies some day. I love the Rapid Rise shifting, but I've lost a derailleur to a rock in the past. The shifting on the Shadow is nice and sharp, and it's out of the way. I've always considered derailleurs as expendable, so $75 every couple of years is an acceptable loss to get the type of shifting I prefer. That said, I'd rather not have to.
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