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Hey! Hope someone can give me advice on what ramp / jump to buy for my son who is crazy about riding. He will ride all morning on singletrack only to come home and play on the ramps and balance beams/teeter totters we have in the backyard (all homemade).

However, we have to travel. We need something highly portable (not DIY / homemade). We need to spend the fall / winter living out of our camper taking care of my Grandma and won't have space / time for homemade ramps, and weight is an issue as well.

I'm on a budget. $200 max. I know Ninja makes a MTB hopper Intro ramp, and it's right at $200 but, don't I need two of them if he's going to use them in the cul-de-sac / street? Or do the kids just land flat? Ouch.

What else is out there? And what do you recommend?

((He is almost 9yrs, 57" tall, an Enduro kid at heart, but also rides BMX, XC and some Cyclocross. Rides a 26" Santa Cruz LT. Heroes are: Danny McAskill, Fabio Wibmer, Kate Courtney, and Eli Tomac))

X-Posted for maximum suggestion / reply potential! Sorry if you're seeing this twice! :)
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I saw a video comparing one of the MTB Hopper ramps to a knock-off and it really hated on the knock-off model because it showed signs of wear right away ...sorry don't remember the name. I have a friend who built and absolutely huge portable ramp --which is often said to be easier to learn on. You just need to build it so that you can disassemble it, so screws rather than nails. As I'm typing this, I suddenly recall buying a pretty damn big skateboard half-pipe in high school. We disassemble and moved it 3 times.
That Ninja ramp is only 17" wide, which is fine for a kicker but too narrow for a safe landing. That style of ramp is best for spots where there's a good transition already and you just need a point to launch from. With the price of lumber these days you probably can't DIY something for much less than $200.
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