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Saturday I led a ride in Wildcat Canyon for a Youth Mountain Bike Adventures organized by the BTCEB. Jeff, Bob and tons of other guys have been keeping this program going fo years. Oren, from REI came to support as well. Pretty primitive riders of 13-14 with 1:1 adult support. Very slow, very basic.

I am setting up the rides for the MTB clas I am giving. A prerequisit to my class is having completed Just Pedaling, a week of guided pave riding. Teh Director of eh Summer Programs asked me to sit-in on the Monday Morning start of a new Just Pedaling class.14 11-14 years olds with a variety of bikes, all of which had been checked out by Solano cyclery.after we got them all signed up and I rechecked their bikes they went across the street to ride around teh paved playground all day. They learned lots of basic road stuff and the 3 College kids who managed this were great. Truely.

I cut out at about 10 am as an applicant to my program wanteed to skip the Just Pedaling prerequisit. I had talked to mom and wasn't sold on the phone. I dont' believe anyone, adult or otherwise, until see them on a bike. He knw one of the boys Ihave ridden witha lot with my son. I called him and he said he didn't know he had a mountain bike, thought he was a BMX-er, and didn't think he was as good a mountain biker as he and my son Miguel, who woudl be attending the class. This was revealing to my goals. it reminded me of my mission; to teach yound cyclists to be mountain bikers.

As I was down at the Y I had teh boy come and meet me for a short ride. 13 years old, athletic, lean and bright. New Specialized Rockhopper with discs adn a BMX helmet. We just rode, he followed my instructions down to the Bay, I taught him paceline, raised his seat, changed his cadence. We noodled on the dirt at Shady 80 an later on the Bulb.

Smart, attentive, pliant. He was in.
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