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Wanted to share my experience with the Rambo rack. I recently lost my mind and bought a Motobecane Night Train Fat Bike. The fat bikes look like so much fun, and I have not been riding in a very long time. So decided it was time to get off the couch and do some riding. So I ordered the Motobecane Night Train Eagle. I ordered a bunch of stuff for the bike like new seat, bars, racks, fenders etc. I am more of a commute/tourer type rider so I will be trying to set this bike up very similar to the way my Novara Safari is setup for long haul touring but with the fat bike I am thinking more dirt, sand, gravel, and less paved stuff. So one of the items I bought for the bike was a rear pannier rack.

The first problem with the Night Train Eagle is that while it does have braze ons for water bottles and some additional ones on the forks it strangely is missing many other attachment points. So when I was looking at the racks they all looked like they expected the mount points to be near the rear axle. This bike does not have them. It does however have some further up on the seat stays. When looking for fat bike racks I didn't see any that attached there. Then I stumbled on the Rambo rack which appeared in the pictures to mount approximately where my attach points are on my frame. So I took a chance and ordered it.

It arrived and sure enough the attach points look very close to where mine are on my frame. The rack is a heavier thickness aluminum tube and is light weight. I appears fairly rugged as the Rambo literature shows they have the rack setup for attaching various trailers to their electric bikes. So far so good. However I found the width at the lower mount points was a little narrow. So with some pushing, pulling, swearing I lined up the lower mount points over the frame. The hardware included however is 6mm, and the eyelets on the frame are the typical M5 variety. So I had to go run down some M5 stainless screws in the 16 and 20mm lengths. I used the 20mm for the lower attachment and 16mm for the upper attachment.

The upper attachment points on the rack have like 5 different holes you can attach to so you can adjust it to fit your application. It did come with 2 different length arms for the top attachment so you can get a better fit. I used the shorter of the 2 arms and attached all the way to the furthest back attachment point and wouldn't minded if it has one more hole back to make the rack as level as possible. I got the rack installed and it feels solid. Anyone looking for a rear rack for the Motobecane Night Train I can recommend this rack.

I am still working on the bike build and waiting for more parts to arrive. Once I get her together I will post some pics. On a negative note I ordered the Bike Planet fat bike fenders. The rear one arrived and I just tried to install it with this rack and it is not going to work. So I am looking for a solution for my rear fender on this bike. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know. Still waiting for the front fender to arrive. Hopefully it fits better than the rear one did. I may try finding a way to clamp the rear fender plastic to the bottom of the rack and just not use the attachment rigging that came on the fender. Haven't quite figured out how I am going to work this if I can't find one that will work.

Well that is all of the updates for now. I hope this is helpful for others looking for a rear rack for the Night Train.
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