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Raleigh tomorrow. Where to bike?

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Lookin for some decent jumps drops and some good flowing trails. I have only been to Legend park and it was pretty decent. Where should I go tomorrow? Whats Chapel Hill High School Trails like now, any jumps or ladders?
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Hit up New Light - you won't be disappointed. Best trail I have been on in that area. Fast and flowing in sections, nice rock sections. Just an exciting trail - gives you something to look forward to. Head and shoulders above Legend(& chapel hill), so if you liked that, you should like this trail. Doesn't have the jumps and drops built up that Legend has though.

Chapel Hill really puts it to you. Not many, if any, wooden jumps or ladders. Steep technical ups and downs, lots of rocks & roots. Kind of a strenuous trail for me...not overly technical or difficult, but it does take a lot out of you. A good place to train.

No need to choose only one to ride - They are all relatively close. Maybe hit up the dirt jumps/skills area over at Lake Crabtree, to get some of that riding in.
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If you ride New light, once you're finished up head over to Beaver Damn... you'll love it. Most people would say, New light then BD for a nice easier ride.

I personally love BD myself, the south loop is fast and technical / fun.
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