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Hello folks. My neighbor showed me this bike tonight, and asked me if I could place a value on it. Given that I know very little about vintage bikes and their market value, I'm asking that the reuglars in this forum give me some inshight into the bike, and whether it's worth anything. here are some particulars:

She claims to have purchased it about 20 years ago.
It's blue, and in very good condition.
It has Suntour front and rear deraillers
It has Suntour Power thumb non-indexed shifters
It has Raleigh cranks
The bearings in the bubs are sealed bearings.
It has Raleigh Cantilever brakes.
The emblem on the headstock is a plate, not a sticker.

I've tried posting pics, but I'm having problems getting them to load. My question is basically what is this bike worth, if anything, on the vintage market. It does not seem to have much use, and I believe it has all original parts, including the brake pads and tires. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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I've got one of those myself!

Blue, Suntour, bullmoose bar/ stem, Raleigh branded wheels, cranks, etc... What your going to want to verify is if this is a 650B wheeled rig. I think the ISO diameter imprinted on the side wall of the tire is 587.(?) This indicates that it is the old French touring bike wheel size, which was tried on some early MTB's, and not the standard "26" inch size we're all familiar with now. Thanks to Rivendell, tires are now available again for these beasts, but only road types, and not full on knobbies. This wheel size is going to limit the appeal of this bike to a very few people. So, the "value" of this bike is going to be low. An oddity, to be sure, and a viable bicycle, ( again- thanks to the efforts of Rivendell) but not very collectable in the MTB world.
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