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Rain Ride

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Couple More

Forrest and Alan

It rained all night and most of today. So no more riding until Christmas weekend, I guess.


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I was gonna tell the Vancouver riders how they better recognize Nor Cal rain rides. But then I saw Knolly's post. So much for measuring up to bad weather riding.

Alan (kafin8ed) from Mountain Biking magazine came up to ride this weekend. He picked the wrong weekend. We (me, Forrest, Alan, and Rob) were going to go ride this sweet jump trail on Saturday. When we got there it had just started to rain. The first two corners were sweet but then the tires started to pack up and the rest of the trail felt like ice. So that was that. We gave up on that trail, Rob bailed out, and Alan, Forrest, and I went to another place that's always good in the rain. It was about 40 degrees farenheit when we got there and we rode for two hours in the cold, pouring rain. We pedaled, took pictures, and had a good time. It was a good way to start the rainy season.


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3 do you guys ride in the rain...doesn't that ruin the trail???

It does not, sir. The trails are so loamy it doesn't really matter. What really ruins them is the horse sh*t that's spread all over the place. Damn poop machines.
Ride hard in the rain then have a ______________ Beer.

Looks like a bad beer commercial.
John in that 1st shot are you using a tripod or resting the camera to get the rider to blur but background clean? Anyway nice shots.
Your Usual!

Good Stuff!!
Good to see Alan riding.
Ride On!
mtbbrian said:
Good Stuff!!
i especially like the puddle splash pic.

what camera are you taking out on the rain rides?
Cowboy-jeff said:
Looks like a bad beer commercial.
:confused: How can you use the word "bad" in the same sentence as "ride" and "beer" ??
Diet Coke

:confused: How can you use the word "bad" in the same sentence as "ride" and "beer" ??
Ha! You're so right. I should've used Coke or Pepsi! :D
Olympus Stylus 800 Digital

Good question. I meant to mention the camera because we have a pro review almost ready to publish. It's the Olympus Stylus 800 Digital - an 8-megapixel weatherproof compact digital. It's got a nice big LCD and shutter-lag is almost non-existent. It's a really nice camera. I'm impressed. Especially compared to previous models in thr Stylus line and other compact Olympus cameras I've used in the past. I think Olympus has done a great job with this camera. Here's a link to an unedited, full-res sample of the photo of Forrest:

All of the photos I posted here have been heavily adjusted in Photoshop. Most of my photos are, actually. But I don't want you guys to think these photos came out of the camera looking like you see them here. It was a really dark and I was seriously pushing the limits of the camera. Most of the photos we took were complete crap. These are the salvageable ones that didn't have too much camera shake from slow shutter speeds.
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Cowboy-jeff said:
Looks like a bad beer commercial.
nah...needs something warmer.....brandy, tequila or snapps
Killer photo John!!! You always seem to get them!!!

It was a blast riding that day, thanks to Alan, John and even that FAT HEAD Rob R. for coming out!

To answer Shiver Me: We must ride in the rain, this is NorCal and it rains all winter. We either ride in the rain or don't ride at all...

Nice photos John. I am using the Olympus Stylus 400 Digital and I have two of them. One is forsale becasue I got another (I thought it got stolen so I bought another to make a long story short).

The second photo is great!
Sweet pics as usual!

I was thinking about riding JM Sunday...but no one else wanted to so I bailed.
Post a Review!

DHbiker said:
Nice photos John. I am using the Olympus Stylus 400 Digital and I have two of them.
Post a review on, if you haven't already. I think we need more reviews for the Stylus 400. The 800 is much faster and it doesn't have the clamshell design. I have heard people complain that the clamshell is awkward when you want to quickly take pictures, and that it has a tendency to open in Camelbacks. Not that you should run out and buy a new camera, but I am really impressed with the Stylus 800. High ISO performance is poor - but that's normal. In good light the camera rocks. And like your camera, you take it out in really nasty weather without worrying about it.
On The Seventh Day

X-Vert said:
I was thinking about riding JM Sunday...but no one else wanted to so I bailed.
Sunday we rested. The ride on Saturday kicked my ass. Forrest and Alan are both stronger than me and they were both on better XC bikes so I got worked. Plus the cold was pretty rough. It took me over an hour to warm back up. And it rained so much on Saturday night that riding on Sunday didn't seem like such a great idea. We thought about going to Santa Cruz on Sunday afternoon because it holds up really good. But in the end we just worked on photo stuff all day.
really good pictures, i like the 3rd pic
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