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Rain report? Is Waco dry? Cameron Park conditions?

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Dallas is wet wet wet.

Can anyone comment on the conditions at Cameron Park?

A couple of us might venture that way tomorrow if it is dry.

Also, anyone with experience there, could you post up some of the high
spots we should check out while there?
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Cameron Park is DRY. Waco hasn't had any rain a couple of weeks. It's also very HOT! Triple digits a couple days ago while I rode for nearly 3 hours.
Like he said, it's dry and hot. A list of places I know of in the short time I've been riding there.
Vortex-A downhill run with high berms on each turn which makes it kind of like a bobsled run.
Shyst-A slightly technical loop with some tight turns and lots of up and down.
Cliff's Cliff- A nice climb with some pretty tight uphill turns.
Hale Bopp- a laid back ride that becomes slightly technical toward the end.
California 56-simply beautiful
MCC loop
Act of faith
River Trail- a really easy long trail that leads to many of the aforementioned trails and gives a good view of the river as it runs along it.

I can't think of anymore right now. Have fun and bring plenty of water as it is supposed to be around 100 today. The natural canopy of the high treetops provides some degree of shade.
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Vortex, Shyst, Actof Fiath, River trail are the trails I'm learning on. Cal.56, Hale Bobb, Highlander are all beyond my skills for the time being.

The Outback trail is fun along with torqueror, Kite, & Slinky. Picnic too which is near Act of Faith.
Those trails are hard because there are many climbs that you don't get a chance to build up speed beforehand. Act of Faith is cool and makes for a fun but not overly difficult climb. Do you do the group ride with the Waco Bicycle club? It's a lot of fun. If you do, chances are we've met and don't know it. PM me if you ever want to ride together. It sounds as though we may be about the same skill level.
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