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Ragley's Carnegie's Bars

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I put this out in the comments under the entry for the bars on twentynineinches but it occurs some might not see it so here it goes....

Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK is processing orders now for the Carnegie Bars. They say they will be in store on the 15th. Price yesterday was $55 plus shipping to the states and its actually as cheap as having something shipped domestically.

Brant Richards' (the genius behind these bars) web site also said something about them being available. I think he deals with another store and I cannot remember the name of that one but G-Ted knows it. Anyway, get 'em while they are around. These ought to work until the CF ones come out, or Ti, bamboo, scandium stuffed with string cheese....or whatever the flavor of the month is.
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Good looking out!

I especially liked the part about the string cheese stuffed scandium.

I needed that day brightener for real.

Does Vimeo embedding work on here?

Here's some FEA we're doing on the carbon ones.

Just for @onegearpreston - here's another FEA thingy of the flying Carnegie bar. from ragleybikes on Vimeo.

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