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Okay, so the new rig is up and running and with my second ride on it i've decided it will be a v-brake bike. Now i'm left with a decision as to what I want to do about wheels. I already have two sets here, but I want to build a XC race-specific wheelset, radial laced in front with a radial/3x rear. The rims will probably be the Mavic I have now, with the hubs and spoke's being replaced. I have no quarells with the plain sidewalls and they're braking performance. FWIW, i'd be using DT spoke's - either Revolution or Competition, with alloy nipples. I still gotta reseach spoke's and their respective strength requirements and such. (my head hurts!)

So i've been looking into hubs more and more and realized that my previous radial laced hubs were all on Shimano hubs, road and mtn. Back then I had never built a King or Nuke Proof hub radially laced and i'm wondering if this might be a problem. Can today's non-disc hubs take the extra stress radial lacing introduces? I'm not sure how much correlation between weight/strength there is when aftermarket hubs are concerned with the effect's of radial lacing. I'm also unsure how much different manufacturing processes come into play, but I can't help but think it does.

So far i'm looking mostly at King (classic), American Classic and DT for hub choices (although i'm still researching other's) and no where have I seen/read anyone having any continuous problem's. I also haven't seen/read anything from manufacturer's website's and/or possibility of voiding warranty with doing so. :rolleyes:

Help? What can I get away with?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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