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RAD and feeling nostalgic

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Just watched this today!

Boy I miss my childhood!

I miss the days when you can ride your bike to your neighbors, classmates, and friends' house fetching each other until there's 10 or more of you to go anywhere your bikes take you!

Then you come home at 7pm and your mom or dad is ready with a stick or belt for an ass whoopin" !
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I can't recall how many times I've watched it...especially the Hell Track part.

Forgot to mention I saw "Cru" when I went to Interbike one year. I was taking the elevator at the garage floor at the Sands hotel. Cru and his crew ran into the elevator just before the door closed. I think Eddie Fiola (it might not have been Eddie but another BMX pro of the time) was also with him.
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OMG, it's available in hi-def !!

It's a classic
Time Flies. Laurie Laughlin went from hot crush of Cru Jones to mom actor that got busted bribing colleges to get her dumbass instagram famous daughter into school.

Also why don't people name their kids Cru anymore.

Also Bart Connors, Olympic gymnast as a BMX bad guy, what happened to him?

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Nice! I have been meaning to re-watch this
They had it in the theatres for one night only last month. It included a Q&A with the stars that was pretty cool. I got my kid a legit RAD racing jersey and we went and saw it. The theater was packed and it was awesome. We also own it on Amazon prime and my kid uses the song Break The Ice as his pump up music before games. He's a goofball.
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