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Looking for a rack for my Kona unit, could be front or rear. I have been running a cheap metal one from Walmart or target but that is at the end of it's life. The issue with mounting a good rear rack is that the mounts at the end of the bike are at a strange spot, located on the seat stays a few inches north of the derailer hanger as seen in the attached pic from bikepacking dot com. Guy at my lbs suggested a front rack but didn't have any that could fit. Currently run 29x2.2 and occasionally go up to 29 x 2.8 but I might not need a rack in plus mode

I'm not looking for something heavy duty, this bike is my commuter/ adventure bike so it needs to carry a backpack/laptop, or some similar smallish load. Not trying to spend over $100 either, just want something that allows me to strap a simple basket to either end of my bike, if any Kona unit riders have had success with racks I'd love to hear it!


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