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Sorry if this is already posted within this forum, but the search function kept returning errors to me...

Ok, I'm starting mountain bike racing this year, and my first few races are going to be pretty close to where I live and where I know the conditions quite well. I've run the Specialized Team Control (front)/Team Master (rear) and Continental Explorer Pros F&R pretty well--I live in central VA, but go to college in Charlottesville, right in the Blue Ridge mtns.
But, I've never raced before and I don't know what tires to run. I'm content with the Continental Explorer Pros for the few local races as they have run well in the local area.

However, I'm entered in the 24 Hours of Big Bear, and I have absolutely no idea what tire to run out there (I won't have the opportunity to preride the course until the Thursday before). So, if ya'll could recommend a decent tire for the Big Bear, that'd be awesome!
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