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Racing in the mud

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This weekend I raced at Mount Snow in the rain and mud, this was the second race of the series. This race included a steep, rooty, rocky section called "Roxy's". I spent over 2 hours checking out the section, trying to find a line. It rained overnight, and the course changed a great deal, and I ended up wrecking in that section. Does anyone have any advice for riding in steep, muddy, rooty sections and being reasonably fast? I'm running 2.5 minions tubeless at approxamately 25 psi, if that helps.
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Wet screams.

Off the brakes if poss, especially in rooty/rocky wet sections.Try to look at where you wanna go, not what you're trying to avoid, your body will do most of the work rather than trying to think your way through!

I temper my speed with the brakes going in but you have to be careful, try not to lock up either brake as you'll then pick up speed skidding through, but with very little control!

Getting off the back of the saddle can be a delicate thing here as if you go too far the front will lose grip (ok if your lofting the front wheel through a section, but otherwise it'll catch you out.).

I am no pro, and i'm sure everyone will tell you something different, but i hope some of this helps.
Allow me to finish your thread title....Racing in the Racing in the mud sucks. Riding in the mud rules. But when you are looking to go as fast as possible throttle full open it is never prime conditions for that when the heavens open up. What separates people on a rainy race days is mindset. If your thinking negatively about your proposed lines at the top and psyching yourself into losing then that is what is going to happen. I just try to be stoked on the terrain. 100% stoked that I am riding my bike. If your not wanting to ride in it, you definitely won't perform well trying to race in it. Just tell yourself it's gonna rule. You will be ahead of everyone before you even hear the fifth beep.
Mud racing is like the greatest fun ever to be had on 2 wheels, its skid-licious, smooth as butter(if virgin), and usually forgiving if you happen to have a, uh hum, gravity-assisted stop on it haha. Beats normal hardpack any day.
Minions are some of the worst mud tires out there. A quality mud spike would go a long way towards improving your dirty riding shenanigans.
I hate the mud.I hate cleaning my bike..use a knobby tires
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