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i just read that there is races for MTB but it is split into groups so im guesing begginers?

if there is a begginers group where can i find info on begginer MTB racers for South florida?

i wouldnt mind joining. im sure it will be extremely fun and challenging. plus im only 18 so why not do it while im young right!

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MTB races are sometimes a little hard to find, at least until you meet the right people. Then you know about more than you care to.

Try on the Florida forum. Try the XC Racing and Training forum. Check the calendar on the USA Cycling web site. Ask at your LBS. Many shops sponsor a team, and many teams promote one or two races a year. It's also in the shops' best interest to get people racing - they wear out and break more stuff, yet get amped about the sport and get other people into it.

If you decide racing is for you, many colleges and universities have teams. I think that road racing tends to be more emphasized, but it's all riding bikes, and the sponsors won't mind cutting you the same deals on MTB gear, as long as they produce it.

Good luck. Let us know if you end up going.
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