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Racer X Carbon 2009

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Thoughts on this frame for an xc race bike? I need something with a 31.6 mm seatpost as I already have a nice seatpost and collar carrying over from my current ride. It's on sale on jenson for 1500 instead of 2700. I've only seen one review for it however. Any thoughts? Or is there something better to get?

I also thought of the kona hei-hei supreme 26er but I really want a black frame.
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Forgot to post, I will be running 2x9 but don't have my mind decided on the crank yet. Already have sram x.o rd and twist grips. no fd yet.
If its on sale and its your size, go for it. I've not tried the racer-x, but I've heard good things about them:D .
I'm a bit of a yeti freak myself, so my preference would be for the ASR-c, but there are probably none of them around at decent prices.

My build kit would go something like:

XX fork and brakes (6"+4")
2x9 crank - rotor; 3x9 crank RF Next
FD dura ace with speen adaptor
EC90 or Noir worldcup bar
FSA OS-99 stem
Wheels: Stan's Alpine/Am classic/sapim cx-ray
Tyres - choose a 2.2 size as they roll faster, plus you have better handling in every aspect of MTB
KMC x10sl chain
XTR/xt cassette for longevity, for bling go Ti cassette.

There are much more aggressive WW builds you can go for, look at any of the main contributor's builds to see how light/stupid/expensive it is possible to go.


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i had an '09 racer x titanium last year
it was an awesome ride
i just sold it to get my santa cruz blur xc carbon because the santa cruz frame is over a pound lighter, but i have nothing but praise for titus
mine had a 30.9 seat tube i.d. though...
are you sure about the carbon racer x having a 31.6 ?
I like the yeti and santa cruz and have looked at them both but the racer x is 1500 on sale. the yeti and santa cruz are a bit out of my range. 1500 is a bit expensive but im willing to sacrifice for what i'm buying.

ive thought about used but i really don't want to go down that road.
MMeglen said:
I need something with a 31.6 mm seatpost as I already have a nice seatpost and collar
Are you sure that you want to choose a Full Suspension frame only based on a seatpost that you alreay own?

I think the Racer X is a great frame but I would widen my research criteria before making the purchase.

Check the top tube length they seem a tad short.
Choosing a bike over an existing seatpost seems silly to me.

Its kinda like choosing a bike over what saddle it comes with stock.
I have to agree w/ other posters about getting a bike because of a seatpost.

I would also consider:

Scott Spark
Specialized Epic
Yeti ASR-C

Friend has a Spark, and it climbs like nobody's business.

Good luck,

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