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Hey all this thread needed to be started, I know there are more people out there looking for someone to complete their team, or looking to get on a team for the up coming 12-24 hour races. Here are the races I am interested in, Looking for fun people who are competitive for doing some Team Races.

May 14th 12 Hours of Lodi (3person sport)
June 19 24 hours of Big Bear (4man-5opnen Sport)
July 17th 18 hours of Poor Farm (4man Sport)
Sept 4th 24 hours of Seven Springs (4man-5open)

Who I am
age 30
weight 190
Arlington VA

I have had the following places
2nd Sport over all (4-races) Wednesdays at Wakefield
1st 18hours of Poor Farm
4th sport 24 hours of snowshoe
1st sport 12 hours of Lodi

2nd Sport 12 hours of Lodi

1st duo 12hours of Lodi
3rd Lake Fairfax Race
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