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If you are offended by unicycles, or don't think we're serious athletes, then read no further...

I, along with my teammates Roland and Vince, comprising a team called "Personal Rollercoaster", competed in a first-of-its-kind unicycle race called the "Ride The Lobster" from June 16 through June 20, 2008. It was a relay race in five stages, running from one end of Nova Scotia to the other, a distance of over 500 miles. There were 35 teams from all over the world, including New Zealand, Singapore, Korea, all over Europe, and more. We hoped we could make it into the top 10.

This write-up is extremely long, because this event was a week-long epic. Please don't worry if you don't want to read it. You can go here: for the rankings to cut through all my storytelling. I promise I won't take any offense.

For those of you with reading specs on, too much time to kill, here's the whole enchilada:
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