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Race Report: 12 hours of Snow Summit

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Okay, it's a little late. Anyway, last saturday was the 12 hours of Snow Summit...I raced on a 4 man team, 2 of us on singles, 2 on gears. I was the only 29er. We raced in the expert/semipro/pro category.

The race started with little fanfare, and I was feeling pretty nervous as usual. I was riding third, and my turn came up pretty quick. I had skipped the rider meeting, because our team captain said he'd go and relay all the info to the rest of us. This is where things kinda turn south:) I guess that they made a big stink in the meeting about following the proper arrows on the course. There were 3 different events on the mountain last saturday, and all of them had course markers out there. Anyway, you can probably see where this is heading. I tore out on my first lap, felt really good, and gradually picked up the pace. Anyway, make a long story short, I followed one of the wrong markers, got lost, and ended up riding an 1:35 hour lap! Keep in mind that my lap time should have been more like 45-49 minutes. We took the hit like men, rode consistent laps, and gradually took some of the time back.

A few hours into the race the skys opened up. THat's the only way to put it. It poured. I've never seen anything like it in CA. The trails had currents running across them, and the downhills were a few inches deep a lot of the time. This made for some exciting and interesting racing. It was actually alot of fun.

When all was said and done we ended up in 5th place overall, 3rd place in the expert/semi/pro category. If I hadn't lost soo much time, we probably would have been in a tight race for 2nd, but them's the breaks.

Oh, I should mention that there were three other 9er's out there on saturday. There were 2 on Team Epinephrine in the 4 person mixed category, andd MTNBIKEJ was riding his sugar in the solo category. Nice job J! The two on Team Epi were both pretty sweet....super racy fishers, one with a very low spoke count road wheelset rolling on WTB all terrainasaurus tires, interesting...looked fast!

Here's some pics for your viewing pleasure...nothing too exciting.

1. Me
2. Me and Ron
3. Me after a long day. Yes, that's a Christmas tree.


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Can I be your elf?
by the way, were you a little cold in that first pic? ;)
I'll consider it.

....I start taking elf resumes in late October.

No, I was never cold on Saturday. I was warm and dry and cozy through the whole affair. Even the lap that I rode completely drenched.....really warm:)

Padre said:
Can I be your elf?
by the way, were you a little cold in that first pic? ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts