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Race Face Turbine bolt kit for inner chainring

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Hi! :thumbsup:

Let me open this thread to ask if someone knows where can I find a kit for this cranks.
The bolt set should be something like this: 5 x 16mm bolts + 5 cylindrical washers (I guess these are 8mm each one)

Any advice, link, or your own kit would be welcome :p. Thanks in advance.
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A decent LBS should be able to put that together for you, or if they don't have the bolts/spacers in stock they can order them. I believe you are correct on the 8mm for the spacers - there was a thread over on RetroBike UK about this very issue a while back.
I got them quite easily through Race Face directly, about a month ago, should all other avenues fail....
I'm going to ask for them to a dealer/distributor in Spain.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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