Reviewed by Brian Mullin

The Race Face SIXC 3/4 Riser handlebars are pretty sweet carbon bars, that are light, strong, and have an optimal width and decent rise. I tested the SIXC cranks recently, and these bars have the same toughness, subdued graphics and colors, and they certainly mean business.

The All Mountain SIXC bars are made with the Race Face proprietary Optimized Carbon Technology, and the all carbon bars are light, tough and strong. The 730mm or 28.75 inch (measured) wide bars have nicely marked indicator lines every 12mm at the ends, to help you evenly cut the length, if one is so inclined. If you decide to cut the bars, you'll need a special carbon saw, a face mask (suggest 3M 6000 half-face respirator with P100 filters) and eye protection.


They come with some standard carbon bar specs of 9 degrees rearward bend, and 4 degrees upward sweep, which makes for a 3/4 inch or 20mm rise, and a 31.8mm clamping diameter. I would have preferred a tad more rise, and at least 1 inch would have been nice, though I know 1.5 inches has some design issues with carbon bars. The bars are reinforced under the grip and shift area, for additional strength and durability, and it especially helps with lock-ons. The mellow graphics and matte carbon color scheme make them blend in well, in a sort of stealth mode look. This is not some wimpy carbon bar, they are beasts who can take some amazing amount of abuse and crashes (tested that one), but are still light at 221.7 grams (measured) and stiff, with a decent touch of tactile resiliency. Supposedly, they test a bar from each run, and abuse it to make sure they are keeping tight tolerances within their engineered design specification's.


So far, they have been pretty stout, and the surface has seemed to be immune to deep scratches, try as I might, and has only shown minor scuffs and scrapes. I really like the width, as it's somewhere between the typically shorter All Mountain bars, and the uber wide Freeride and Downhill bars, and it still allows me to sneak through tight tree runs without bashing into them. The SixC handlebars have a US MSRP price of $129, which is in line with most of the competitions carbon based bar selection.


Bottom Line
The Race Face SIXC 3/4 Riser handlebars are light, strong, durable and abuse proof. Their pricing and geometry are right in line with the competition, though I wish they were in a 1 inch rise instead of 3/4? Race Face has used their carbon technological expertise, and morphed it to the All Mountain category with the SIXC series, and the bars and their brethren cranks are massively stout beasts who can take amazing amounts of torture, without a whimper.

The SIXC bars are a superb product, that has excellent strength, and weight, and a few small hidden features tossed in order to complete the package.

  • Light
  • Strong
  • Optimal width
  • 1 inch rise would be nice
  • Extra bonus - 12 degree rearward sweep!
Overall Rating: 4.5 Flamin' Chili Peppers

Race Face SIXC Handlebar Company Specs:
  • Visit the website at
  • Built for - AM/Light FR
  • Dimensions - 8.5" or 725mm width
  • Sweep - 9° rearward, 4° upward
  • Rise - .75" or 20mm
  • Bar Diameter - 31.8mm
  • Weight - 220g
  • Color - Matte Carbon
  • SIXC bars are manufactured with a leading edge composite material which allows us to reach our high strength requirements at an impressively low weight.
  • Minimum bar width of 27.5" or 700mm at indicated cut marks.
  • Reinforced clamping zones for lock-on grip.
  • Daily destructive testing from each production run ensures each bar meets the exacting Standards set by our engineers