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thought this was a 25.4mm 90mm long 6 degree rise.
But swapped it out for a Syntace F99 and the Syntace is about 6mm lower at the handle bar.
So i think the Evolve has more rise than 6 degrees.
Does anyone know what other rises these stems were made in?
I think I can remember raceface doing them in some odd rises like 7 and 9.
Can anyone identify it for me or tell me how to measure the rise accurately?


There's no app for this.
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AS far as I know...

RF made only the 6 d rise (or fall, if reversed). They offer only 1 stem for the Evolve.

From their site:

SIZE: 70, 90, 100, 110, 120mm
RISE: + or - 6º (reversible)
WEIGHT: 160g (100mm)

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Yup, stack height is the place to look -- I got that surprise when i got my Titec stem -- wasn't just a swapout for the Evolve (which I am still running, was experimenting with different rises/cockpit geometry).

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dean a said:
Got the ruler out, and the RF stack height is 40 mm, so it still doesn't add up .
Looks like I'll have to get a protractor.
thanks guys
Curious, did the 38 from the Syntace site measure up? Got pics of each side by side?
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