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As stated; relatively inexpensive, stiff as a board, available in colors (kinda - try to find a blue 175 in 100BB).

Can't really call it a con, but it is different: the X-type connection. Most external bearing BB systems have the axle pressed into the drive arm, with the non-drive arm clamping onto splines after the preload/sideplay is set.

X-type has the axle pressed into the non-drive arm and splines for the drive side - except that this is a press fit. You get a "one key release" bolt/cap that presses it on and pulls it off, but you need a serious tool to do it (allen socket with 1/2" drive breaker bar worked with effort).

Also a non-con: this press fit uses shims to set the preload/sideplay. Shimming is a process requiring you to put things together and take them apart a few times to get it right (see notes on press fit effort above). OTOH, the shim stack can be set to give extra clearance on the drive side to keep your chain from rubbing on a 100mm rim. DAMHIK.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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