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Race 11/19 on Tam??

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Coming down RR Grade from East Peak Saturday afternoon, I passed a guy riding up who had a race number attached to his handlebar. I thought to myself, does that guy think he's cool riding with an old race number on his bike? Then a little while further I passed another, and another, etc. Finally I yelled out to one "Hey is there a race today??" and she shouted back "Yes!" but that's all I got. Nowhere else along the way down was there anyone to ask for more details.

Given how much of an MTBR-junkie I am, and being on d4er's email list as well as the MCBC list, I can't believe I missed anything of significance, but to not know about a race going on in my own backyard surprised me a bit.

Did I miss something?
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Racing Not Legal on Tam

I have heard that there can be no sanctioned MTB racing on Tam

Unofficially you can always race a few pals, but numbers? NG.
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