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I didn't want to believe it the first time I had heard it over at Rev. Then I was speaking to John Mac over at United cycle. It really saddens me that we once had a good thing going that look like it was getting more popular and just when you think the next season is going to be better than the last. BAM! they shut it down. Now it looks like the closest lift access bike park is COP. And I hate driving to calgary.

Anyone have any news, rumours, little birdie told me, etc.. please let me know is rabbit planing on re-opening in a few years? will Edmonton build a pump track or skills park like Hinton?

We need something otherwise I can start to see the kids 16-22 starting to cut pirate trails in the river valley again just to get their fix.

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Just an update on the Edmonton Park Scene. the future sight for a park in Edmonton will be in the ledger district this land has been approved for a park.

However right now the city does not have a partner in place to fund the building of the park. Somebody needs to step up and write the grants do the fundraising to get the cash to pay for the dirt for jumps, the lumber for stunts etc. Building can be done with a combination of pro builders and volunteers. but materials tools and equipment cost money.

If you are interested or know people who are interested in helping with this then let me know. the more people we can get on board this project the better.

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With Devon pushing the Bike-Town initiative I could see them providing some incentive to Rabbit Hill to open it up again.

I'm a Devon resident, and have been involved a little bit in some talks about where Bike Town is headed so I will keep my ear to the ground.

I have talked to a few different people that would love to get a couple different races hosted there. (downhill, a dedicated xc loop, and maybe a night-time cross-race)
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