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Where does one get shock mounting hardware (? reducers) ?

From the shock manufacturer? Frame manufacturer?

I may replace a Rock Shox coil rear with a Fox DHX2 coil. Is the mounting hardware usually interchangeable between the two?

How does one know which size to get? Do you just carefully measure the existing hardware?

Are the widths of the shock body mounts usually the same between Fox and RS?


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The hardware can be found anywhere - Ebay, Jenson, etc.

The main variable is the dimensions required by your frame for the shock.

Example - I have a bike that takes 22mm wide hardware with a metric 8mm (M8) screw.

So for my bike: - 8mm x 21.8mm would be the ticket for my frame, one set per eyelet on the shock

Wait a minute - that isn't 22mm, what's the deal?

There are variances in how the items are listed so just short of the width is fine as technically this is what it actually is but you can't go larger than your width so a 22.1mm or 23mm hardware width would be no bueno.

If I wanted to go Fox with IGUS bushing:

For the Fox I would need 21.8mm x 8mm hardware, one per eyelet but I would not need a bushing (or would need to push out the bushing in the eyelet) as the Fox stuff uses IGUS bushings instead of the metal bushings.

Pretty much everyone other than Cane Creek uses the same standard so you can swap around hardware.

There are some issues with tolerances I have seen people talking about with shock hardware but in my experience I have been able to take hardware from a shock and move it to another shock on the same frame and be fine.

The key is working out the frame shock hardware size which pretty much any manufacturer will list or you can Google to work that out as well.
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