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I took my bike out for a quick spin around the streets and was trying some wheelies and bunny hops and man these tricks are harder than they look. I couldn't wheely for more than 2 pedals, as I kept not bringing high enough or just falling off the back. I'm a pretty strong guy and go to the gym almost everyday and I felt so weak when trying to bunny hop. I couldn't get the bike to come up more than 2 I have never been so discouraged about doing something new. :bluefrown: I see videos of skinny guys who look like they can jump over ppl with their mountain bikes. :???: I'm guessing that it's not all strength. Any pointers for me, I appreciate it?
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How all are you and how much do you weight? For the most part all tricks are really technic, you're on your way by just riding. Only gifted kats pick things up quick, certain tricks might come easy but the majority requires practice.

I've been riding for three years and my manuals are still a working progress. I would think of a couple easy starter tricks and work on them every time you get on your bike, even if it's to go to the store.
I'm 5,10 and weigh 225 lbs. I could pick up the bike very easily, it's just when trying to bunny hop it doesn't want to come up at all. I'm going to keep working on these tricks everytime I go out.
Yea you're def big enough to man handle this bike. It all comes down to techinic, I'm 5'-5", 150lbs and can hop manual on tabletops. Do some searches on bunnyhops and things like that. You'll find a lot out there as far as instructionals.
I can't figure out how to bunny hop about more than 8-10 inches. I'm 5' 10" 200 lbs and definitely have the strength, but I can't get the bike any higher. And the balance point on manuals just plain freaks me out lol. I just need to get use to that feeling.
you gotta pull up higher and longer. I found it that I hop higher if I'm hopping up to something rather than trying to hop high in the middle of a parking lot. As you ride around the hood, keep hopping off and on sidewalks. Once you got that move on to two and three stairs. After you got four or five you're pretty much ready to get up ledges and tabletops.

Manuals are a different motion for me than b hops. Mannies I'm pulling back but squating over the rear wheel. For b hops as I'm pulling back and up I"m simultaneously jumping up to then have the rear follow up and level off. Prolly clear as mud but I'm a sh!tty teacher.
I can easily get sidewalks. Are you talking about a straight on attack at stairs or angling towards them? The fact that I'm riding a DJ and not a bmx might make a difference as well, no?
I was thinking straight at the stairs. Yea if you have sidewalks than I would start working with stairs like three. Riding trails should help cuz it's the same motion minus the nose dive landing. The longer pull up and snapping the rear up should get you clearing higher obstacles.
start with curbs. good call. I gradually went to milk crates behind the grocery store, first on their bottom, then the side cuz that's a little higher, then on the end at their highest. they are forgiving and if you don't clear it (which you wont for several tries) they usually just shoot out of your way as not to miff your landing. also try cardboard boxes and such that will crush and or break away.

good luck. post vids if you can so the experts can critique your technique..

also remember, a little faster is better, and pull up early enough to get the front up and over the obsticle and then push-back and pull those pedals up to yoru arse like tryign to heel kick yoru self in the backside to lift the rear up.

watch the how-to vide in this forum too - and tey for video tips..

BTW - im 35, 6'-2" and weigh 220.
ServeEm and Punkbrad good tips!! I will be trying the milk crates first since like you mentioned they are more forgiving unlike stairs. Landing your front or rear tire on the edge of a stair is not good news for your wheels/tires.
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