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Hi all,

Wanted to post a rundown/small review of a 'custom' build wheelset I purchased last month and finally got around to mounting up and riding last weekend.

Intended usage: Second wheelset for my Slash. Mainly singletrack, light DH, maybe a bike park or 2 in the summer.

I picked the following for a 'custom' build:

Mavic en423 UST 2015 rims
SS Switch Ultra hubs 32h (green)
Sapim Race double butted spokes (silver)
Brass nipples

- First impression of the customer service wasn't great, as I had to chase and chase to get a delivery date, they went about 7 days over the '4-5 days' build time, finally getting delivered after about 3 weeks. They didn't answer the phones or reply to emails in any timely manner. Each email I received, while polite, gave me wrong info.

- When they finally did arrive, the packaging was good, they were delivered well protected. I soon noticed that both front and back rims were scratched straight out of the box. The scratches went through the black finish, and although not deep, gave a really unprofessional feel. Hubs were ok and finished well.

- I mounted up some HR II easily, the rims are great - I was able to inflate them up with a floor pump and with some Stan's they held air from the outset. When *very* lightly bouncing the fully inflated wheel on the floor to help distribute the milk, I heard a few worrying pings, but guessed things needed to settle etc.

- I finally mounted the wheels up for a day of singletrack last Saturday, I was super annoyed to find that the wheels were both out of true from the outset, front worse than the rear. I have used stock Bontrager Duster wheels for the last year, and they have stayed true since the beginning (I've done about 2k km on them in total) even after commuting, singletrack, DH. To see these wheels arrive like this out of the box was very annoying.

- After the first ride, 2km flat road to 'bed in' the wheels, when ~12km light trail riding, the hubs seem ok, pretty smooth, engage well. Not excellent, but for 1/3 the price of Hope Pro 2 hubs I'm not going to complain, but the spoke noise persisted - at one point I thought I had broken a spoke when pushing on a little on a gravel section (I had to stop and check). After the ride, you can hear from pinging the spokes lightly that the tensions are all significantly different, and despite there being no jumps, big hits etc (just some light roots), the front is now really out of true - to a point that I won't ride it again in this condition - it really is bad.

Next stop my LBS for a rebuild and truing. I really think that these were built terribly - easily the worst build I have seen ever. As for the 'free truing' for life etc from SS, thanks but no thanks, it's pretty clear that have some serious issues.


The wheels look great! But this is more to do with the components than SS
The hubs are fine for the price
Rims are good (but scratched)
The wheel build was just awful

All in, I paid ~210GBP so 300CHF inc delivery - about 2/3 of the price of a pair of custom Hope wheels with the same rims from CRC. After I have paid for the wheels to be fixed/rebuilt/trued, I think I'll have paid about the same. :s

I wouldn't bother with SS again, and I'd have gone for a better option from the outset. Parts I have received from SS have always been ok (cheap rotors, bolts, chainrings etc have been good), but would never recommend them at all for wheels.

You live and learn.

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